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The BenQ PointWrite™ touch technology allows multi-people to collaborate simultaneously on any flat surface with any object or fingers. It helps create joyful learning environment effortlessly with BenQ interactive projectors and ensures an ultra-smooth, interruption-free writing experience.
*Touch module is an optional unit for PointWrite interactive camera to enable finger touch function.
With seven types of optical lenses available and functions such as motorized zoom, focus and motorized lens shift, BenQ PU9530 offers great installation and set-up flexibility. It also gives you brilliant image performance with ultra-high brightness, high contrast ratio and high resolution. Interchangeable color wheel system gives you a choice to boost mid-tone colors for a more life-like picture.
Quick Wireless NFC Kit
By utilizing NFC technology, the Quick Wireless NFC Kit enables you to make your business presentations wirelessly using your NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet. Simply tap to set up your NFC-enabled wireless projection in an instant and enjoy presenting your business proposals confidently and professionally at all times.
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