zh-TW 60 <![CDATA[<p><strong>BenQ’s New W1110, W2000 and W3000 Projectors Take Home Theater to a New Level<br /> *** </strong><br /> <strong>Rec. 709 HDTV Standard Delivers Finest Cinematic Color Experience</strong></p> ]]> 2015-09-30 00:00:00.0

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, September 30, 2015 – BenQ, the internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle products and global DLP® projector leader with number one market share position in the 1080p Full HD segment, announced today the introduction of its newly launched Home Projectors. The BenQ W1110 brings the true movie theater experience into the home with sharp, crystal clear picture quality, and the W2000 and W3000 take the home cinema experience to another level thanks to the BenQ technology that achieves the Rec. 709 standard for high-definition color reproduction. In addition to delivering stunning true cinematic colors, BenQ Home Projectors are equipped with a 1080p Full HD optimized optical system for unmatched picture clarity and details, along with features like lens shift, side projection, short-throw technology, big zoom, as well as Full HD wireless connectivity and user-friendly interface.

With a harmonious combination of luxurious gold/silver color and elegant curves, both W2000 and W1110 deliver modern aesthetics and complement today’s lifestyles. And in addition to ultramodern design, the newly enhanced airflow and fan architecture in W2000 and W1110’s thermal systems reduce acoustic noise to 27dBA, significantly surpassing the previous generation (30dBA for W1070) to provide the most pleasant viewing experience. Now, users can easily enjoy the luxury of entertaining family and friends in the privacy of their own home theater with professional quality audio-visual projection.

6X RGBRGB Color Wheel Delivers Rec. 709 HDTV Standard for Cinematic Color

Users now can have lifelike cinematic color with Rec. 709, and enjoy big screen entertainment with BenQ Home Projectors. Rec. 709 is the international HDTV standard introduced in the 1990s to guarantee accurate reproduction of cinematic color as the film director had intended. Only displays that conform to Rec. 709 can reproduce the original quality and authentic color of HD content. That level of quality is now available in home projection with the release of BenQ’s W2000 and W3000 Home Projectors, which are precision calibrated utilizing a 6-times speed RGBRGB color wheel with finely tuned coating and color segments to replicate stunning true colors for a superb viewing experience.

In order to build a color wheel that produces Rec. 709 colors, BenQ took extra effort in the hardware design for color wheel angle and color wheel coating, software optimization for color fine-tuning and also production line quality control to make sure that each and every W2000/W3000 projector delivers perfect Rec. 709 performance.

With BenQ Cinematic Color, you can now see the colors that film directors want you to see and enjoy consistent image performance for the entire movie.

Bringing Hollywood into Your Home with BenQ’s CinemaMaster

BenQ Home Projectors feature the exclusive CinemaMaster technology, turning any room into a world-class home theater with video and audio enhancements. The W3000’s Video Enhancer features include Motion Enhancer, Color Enhancer, Pixel Enhancer and Flesh Tone Enhancer. And BenQ lets you hear the difference, as well. Its revolutionary audio system features speakers housed in resonant sound chambers along with BenQ CinemaMaster Audio Enhancer powered by MaxxAudio. This powerful digital sound enhancement engine incorporates the same Waves’ breakthrough algorithms used by Hollywood studios to dramatically boost the bass and treble, creating stereo effects that truly immerse the audience. And finally, with the Imaging Science Foundation’s highly acclaimed ISFccc® calibration built-in, the image and color performance of BenQ Home Projectors can be further customized fit to your environment.

High Contrast, Razor-sharp Image

BenQ Home Projectors create true-to-life performance with an ANSI contrast ratio that significantly surpasses that of non-DLP projectors for the cleanest, most detailed visual performance. These projectors produce industry-leading High Fill Factor by boosting light levels in each individual pixel for more defined details, so you will not be distracted by pixilated graphics.

Set-up in Minutes with Hassle-free Installation

Projector set-up can be achieved in a few minutes and with the versatile short-throw projection, a 100-inch viewing area is possible at only 2.5 meters. The Big Zoom feature easily adapts to any room configuration. Vertical lens shift allows the projected image to be shifted up or down. Horizontal placement is possible for the BenQ W3000 projector with its H/V lens shift functionality. Side projection with 2D keystone is also available on W2000 and W3000.

Wireless Full HD Kit Offers More Freedom and Less Hassle

The optional Wireless Full HD kit allows streaming of uncompressed 1080p content to the projector — even in 3D. One-time Setup detects and connects the kit automatically. The wireless kit’s four antennas extend coverage up to 100 feet, even through walls, while Dynamic Frequency Selection compensates for signal loss by switching channels.

Whether watching the latest blockbuster with your family, playing video games with the kids, or catch a sports match with friends, BenQ Home Projectors put your living room at the center of the action. User-friendly, affordable and professional level audio visual experience is within everyone’s reach with the BenQ W1110, W2000, and W3000 Home Projectors. The new Home Projectors will be available soon for purchase in Europe.

For more information, please visit the product pages of the W1110, W2000 and W3000.

<![CDATA[<p><strong>BenQ Unveils RL2460HT Gaming Monitor for European Market</strong></p> ]]> 2015-08-07 00:00:00.0

Latest Member of Acclaimed RL Series Is Optimized for Industry's Most Popular Gaming Titles; Offers Advanced Eye-Care Technology for Exceptional Monitor Performance

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, 7th August 2015 — BenQ, a globally renowned LED and gaming monitor expert, will launch its new RL2460HT gaming monitor at this year's Gamescom. A dedicated professional monitor for some of the gaming industry's largest categories — console gaming, RTS- and MOBA-style games, and also fighting games — the RL2460HT is equipped with BenQ's exclusive Eye-Care technology to provide the visual comfort that gamers need for better performance during prolonged hours of competitive play.

The new RL2460HT has been specifically optimized for real-time strategy (RTS) like StarCraft® ll: Heart of the Swarm™, first-person shooter (FPS) console games such as Call of Duty®: Ghosts, MOBA-style games like League of Legends™, and Defense of the Ancients (Dota 2), as well as for popular fighting games such as Mortal Kombat X™.

To enhance monitor performance, the RL2460HT's Eye-Care technology includes flicker-free capabilities that eliminate traditional LED flicker issues, adding to eSports enthusiasts' comfort during competitive action and longer gaming sessions. The RL2460HT also features BenQ's Black eQualizer, which enables total gaming visibility by allowing players to adjust brightness without over-exposing white levels, revealing critical combat details with improved visibility in darkened areas. Additionally, BenQ's Low Blue Light technology removes up to 70 percent of blue spectrum light to protect gamers' eyes during extended periods of playing, with several low blue light levels that automatically adjust emission without affecting picture quality.

With the RL2460HT's HDMI Out port, pro gamers can stream their game content after it goes through the monitor so that the audience sees exactly what the player sees or saw?, without risk of lag or delay to the player. In this manner, pro gamers can preserve monitor speed and performance regardless of the streaming system used. The monitor provides a height-adjustable stand with a precision adjustment marker system that makes setup fast and easy, enabling the player to duplicate the precise setup every time and everywhere.

Like the other monitors in the BenQ RL series, the RL2460HT includes a LED-powered TN panel with virtually no input lag and industry-leading 1ms response time. Other features include integrated speakers, two HDMI ports along with standard DVI and VGA connections, and Smart Scaling for gaming professionals to customize their screen viewing area for optimal viewing performance.

More information on the BenQ RL2460HT can be found at this product page.

<![CDATA[<p><strong>BenQ Launches New Smart Business Solutions at Computex Taipei 2015</strong></p> ]]> 2015-05-27 00:00:00.0

Showcasing a Comprehensive Range of Digitally Integrated Visual Display Products, Systems and Solutions for Businesses in the Retail, Manufacturing, Energy, Education, Enterprise and Healthcare Sectors

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, May 27nd, 2015 – Demonstrating the progress it has made into the rapidly evolving realm of business solutions, BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations and world leader in professional visual display technology, will proudly announce the official launch of its digitally integrated smart solutions tailored to meet the ever increasing demands of businesses in retail and hospitality in particular at Computex Taipei 2015. BenQ’s Smart Shopping Mall of Digital Solutions will be set up at TWTC Exhibition Hall 3 G0435 from June 2nd to 6th for visitors to experience first-hand the inroads BenQ is forging in six key business applications: Smart Retail, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Energy, Smart Schools, Smart Enterprises and Smart Health Care. BenQ has created a range of smart solution scenarios to demonstrate how hardware and software products can be extended from consumers to businesses and beyond devices to systems ands solutions.

“BenQ has been perfecting, integrating and expanding its product portfolio since 2008, serving over a thousand international enterprises from all over the world with its extensive capabilities in cross-line integration of hardware and software offerings. This accumulated know-how and experience has earned us the honor of recognition from Carnegie Mellon University for our achievement of the highest technological maturity and strength in the university’s Capability Maturity Model Integration program,” expressed Conway Lee, BenQ President. “It is with great pleasure that I extend my welcome to all visitors to come and experience our Smart Shopping Mall exhibition, where our CMMI5-certified software capabilities have been applied to the most comprehensive range of smart business solutions and displayed with the fulfillment of our corporate vision of Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life.”

BenQ Smart Business Solutions: The Most Comprehensive One-Stop Shop for Top Products and Services

As a trusted global brand empowered by a large collective of renowned partner companies that actively work together to maximize collaboration synergy with the highest efficiency, BenQ provides a finely honed value chain that provides one-stop solution with highly reliable, energy-efficient and complete product lines, end-to-end services from initial consulting to planning, implementation and technical support, first-class R&D capabilities for seamless software-hardware integration, innovative operations and customizable solutions for various end applications, as well as the best global and local service support for responding promptly to every customer demand. The company has brought together over 30 smart solutions and 10 hardware equipment to better serve businesses of every size in the following six major sectors:

Smart Retail: Everything you need for one-stop hardware shopping in the retail sector, including POS terminals, hand-held mobile POS, digital signage, projectors and peripherals. Customizable software system solutions are also offered through Smart Retail, such as CMA, Beacon and LBS, to ensure precisely targeted marketing and enable interactive purchasing.
Smart Manufacturing: BenQ empowers manufacturers with highly integrated services developed with over 30 years of manufacturing management experience in a wide range of industries, offering tightly integrated software-hardware platforms for MES, WMS, AGV and robotic arms with highly effective, energy efficient and automated smart factory solutions.
• Smart Health Care: BenQ brings together extensive clinical resources, professional medical equipment and materials, as well as global design capabilities and software-hardware integration services to deliver patient-oriented health care services, cutting-edge medical technologies and equipment, and personal medical cosmetic products for healthy and quality lives. Smart Health Care solutions include 3D integrated implant services and health management systems.
• Smart School: Combining its expertise as the educational DLP projector leader with the best interactive flat panel display design, BenQ supports today’s interactive classrooms with pre-class learning aids and post-class assessment and reinforcement features completed by teaching and learning history services that leverage big data and a cloud-based platform. With hardware, software, people and data of a classroom seamlessly integrated, a well-rounded approach to education is ensured for the most optimal learning results.
• Smart Enterprise: With CMMI5-certified software development capabilities, BenQ has established itself as the number-one e-business solutions provider in Greater China, servicing over 700 well-known customers, including China’s top 100 enterprises. Innovative applications are built on top of the company’s HCM and BPM solutions to improve the four key elements of an enterprise, including people, processes, documents and messages, to create highly organized business flows that enable efficient and smart enterprises.
Smart Energy: BenQ brings together 17 years of experience in operations management, guaranteeing 15-40% energy savings that translates to hundreds of millions dollars saved on energy bills. BenQ is the only ADR 2.0 Ready-certified technology vendor in Taiwan and the only team with Automated Demand Response (ADR) monitoring capabilities. Smart Energy solutions include HVAC optimization, lighting projects, air compressors, VOC, ADR 2.0 Ready demand response, and energy management.

The Smart Shopping Mall of Digital Solutions Computex Taipei Exhibition: Experience BenQ’s Retail & Hospitality Business Solutions First Hand

BenQ has implemented a selective range of products, systems and solutions to be exhibited at its Computex booth, themed “the BenQ Smart Shopping Mall” to address the smart solutions tailored to meet the needs of businesses in retail and hospitality industries. Visitors arriving at the BenQ Smart Shopping Mall will be greeted by a video wall comprised of the company’s PH550 super-narrow bezel digital signage displays in a 3x3 arrangement, showcasing the captivating sight created by BenQ’s X-Sign content management software, which supports multiple content editing, management and real-time image uploading. The public information display area focuses on the potential of BenQ’s award-winning DH550 double-sided display products for the display of real-time energy management information and environmental data. An array of projections are displayed with the PX9710, PU9730 and MX822ST projectors to guide visitors with the view of the booth’s floor plan while exhibiting image warping, interactive projection, and rear projection capabilities. The BenQ Smart Retail solution section is broken into two areas, introducing the IL650 interactive digital signage and live demos of retail solutions such as face recognition, point-of-sale terminals, printing, hand-held mobile POS, targeted marketing, and interactive purchasing, among others.

Moving beyond retail, visitors will discover BenQ’s hospitality solutions, including touch menu tables, mobile POS, and interactive menu displays. The logistics management area will introduce visitors to the company’s range of automated guided vehicle (AGV) products and software solutions, including the shelf management sensor system. The Smart Health Care zone features a health station that monitors blood pressure, blood sugar levels, height, and weight through the use of BenQ medical technologies. Finally, the kid zone shows off the fun side of BenQ’s Smart School solutions with interactive and educational software, apps, and hardware for our youngest users.

For more information on BenQ’s newly integrated business solutions for Smart Retail, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Energy, Smart Schools, Smart Enterprises and Smart Health Care, please visit For more information regarding the Computex Taipei 2015 exhibition, please visit

<![CDATA[<p><strong>Racing Gets Real with the BenQ XR3501 Curved LCD Gaming Monitor</strong></p> ]]> 2015-05-19 00:00:00.0

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, June 12, 2015 – How real do you want your racing? Do you want to feel the engine rattle your bones and your stomach drop as you take a banked curve at nearly 200 miles per hour? Get ready, because BenQ, a world-leading human technology and solutions provider — and professional gaming monitor pioneer — today released the ultimate high-performance curved LCD monitor designed for a more immersive racing experience: The XR3501. Created for demanding racing gamers, the XR3501straps players in the driver’s seat with its 2000R curvature — the most of any LCD monitor — and extra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio.
Racing gamers want a real driving experience, and that is exactly what the XR3501 delivers in a high-speed feast for the senses that will have players living every heart-pounding moment of the race. Designed with extensive input from experts on and off the track, the XR3501 features a full 35-inch screen and 2560x1080 resolution for visuals that will make you brace for every intense turn as you fight to break free of the pack. The 144Hz refresh rate keeps the action flowing smoothly for an experience that is as real as racing gets without a trip to the track.

Immerse yourself in the action
The ultimate racing game experience unfolds when you lose yourself in the action. The mundane world of your home or office fades away and you are transported to the Grand Hotel hairpin at Monaco or the pits at Talladega. XR3501’s 2000R curved screen puts the roadway right on your desktop. The concave 35-inch screen wraps around your peripheral visual range, making it easier to feel the thrill of speeding through city streets or making the dirt fly in a backroad rally. But before you get too lost in your virtual race, remember there are others maneuvering for the checkered flag and winner’s circle, as well. The XR3501’s extra wide 21:9 aspect ratio gives you significantly more space to keep an eye on your instruments and fellow drivers.
Virtual racing has never felt as real as it does with the XR3501. The monitor’s 2000R curvature is the most of any LCD monitor on the market, and that adds up to a driving experience that is the closest thing on a desktop to getting behind the wheel of an actual race car. Coupled with the monitor’s 144Hz refresh rate, you will swear you are in the heart of the action as scenery wraps around you with breathless fluidity.

See every detail
Lighting fast reactions don’t count for much if you can’t see the next turn. The XR3501 solves this with crystal clear 2560x1080 screen resolution and vibrant colors that will have you seeing every detail, from the decals on your opponents’ cars to the roadside grass and leaves on the trees you speed by. 
The XR3501’s Color Vibrance feature allows you to easily adjust color and detail settings based on your personal preferences. Lighting changes can hide critical details. Do the other cars seem to vanish in the darkness of a tunnel? Throw some light on the problem with Black eQualizer, boosting the brightness of darker regions of the screen without blowing out the well-lit areas. Now you can see every detail without sacrificing image quality.

Feel the speed
Nothing can pull a racing gamer out of a fully immersive experience faster than jerky, stuttering visuals and animations. The XR3501 keeps the action fast and smooth with the help of its 144Hz refresh rate. The higher refresh rate eliminates blurring while lending a more natural look to everything from other vehicles to passing scenery.
The XR3501 curved LCD gaming monitor is expected to retail in the second quarter of 2015. Slip on your driving gloves and prepare for real racing as you have never experienced it before.

<![CDATA[<p><strong>BenQ Launches New Flagship XL2730Z at Intel® Extreme Masters Season 9</strong></p> ]]> 2015-03-11 00:00:00.0

Bringing Top Gaming Performance to Katowice as the Official Gaming Monitor Sponsor of the Season

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, March 11th, 2015 – BenQ, a world-leading human technology and solutions provider and renowned professional gaming monitor pioneer, is proud to join the Global Finals of Intel Extreme Masters Season 9, an elite global professional gaming tour organized by Electronic Sports League (ESL). The highly-anticipated event, gathering the world’s best gamers and gaming enthusiasts, is set to once again take place in Katowice, Poland. This will be the 3rd time that Katowice will be hosting the Intel Extreme Masters event as well as the 2nd time that the Intel Extreme Masters Finals will take place in this Polish city.

This year, BenQ will be teaming up with Intel and ESL, the world’s largest eSports company, as well as with other partners, in ensuring that all stages and warming up areas meet and exceed world-class gaming standards, through providing more than 400 of its world-leading flagship professional gaming monitors, among which the BenQ XL2730Z, for Intel Extreme Masters’ Finals tournaments and the XL2430T for ESL One Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also set to take place in the same location.

“BenQ has been a great ally of ours in bringing Intel Extreme Masters to gamers all over the world for the last four years. ” stated Michael 'Carmac' Blicharz, Director of Pro Gaming at ESL. “I cannot stress how important it is that partners like BenQ not only help us to create a perfect environment for the world's best gamers to compete, but also share our vision for esports.”

Debuting BenQ’s New 27” XL Series Flagship: XL2730Z
Devoted to incorporating groundbreaking technology with a human touch, the BenQ team is thrilled to announce the launch of its flagship professional gaming monitor XL2730Z as the official monitor to be used during Intel Extreme Masters Finals. Boasting QHD resolution for the most detailed image quality, 144Hz refresh rate, and 1ms GTG response time, the innovative XL2730Z is guaranteed to provide the ultimate gaming experience. The XL2730Z also has built-in Motion Blur Reduction to ensure the smoothest motion and maneuverability and VESA DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync for minimized tearing and stuttering, providing gaming communities all around the world with satisfyingly smooth and ultra-fast gaming performance. Other innovative features such as Smart Scaling and Color Vibrance allow gamers to customize the brightness, color display, and adjust scales to meet their unique needs. BenQ also takes meticulous care to ensure that gamers’ eyes are protected against blue spectrum light and flickering by incorporating its Low Blue Light Modes and Flicker-free Technology into this new gaming monitor.

“Try It Yourself” User Experience Set Up for Gamers and Fans
In addition to serving as the exclusive gaming monitor during the Intel Extreme Masters Finals, the brand-new XL2730Z monitor will also be available to all visitors for a hands-on “Try it yourself” experience at BenQ’s booth at the IEM Expo. There will also be a pro gaming area set up for local competitions. For more activities to enjoy at the IEM BenQ booth, check out BenQ Gaming on Facebook, with daily updates of exciting information. The XL2730Z will be available worldwide in Spring 2015.

“We are proud to take part in the Intel Extreme Masters tour for the fourth consecutive season. It’s always a learning experience that inspires and drives us to bring better gaming experience to the gaming community.” Peter Huang, General Manager of BenQ Technology Product Center. “We can’t wait to see the XL2730Z, our newest flagship model of the XL Series in action amongst the world’s top professional gamers. We appreciate every opportunity to put our best to the test by the very best.”

Additional information on the Intel Extreme Masters Season 9 is available at For more on the full line-up of BenQ gaming monitors, please visit Gaming.BenQ.Com.

<![CDATA[BenQ Debuts New Flagship XL2730Z Professional Gaming Monitor Crafted for the Ultimate Gaming Experience ]]> 2015-02-23 00:00:00.0

The Finest, Smoothest and Fastest Gaming Performance Ever Delivered by the Best Gaming Monitor Brand in Market

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, February 23th, 2015 – BenQ, a world-leading human technology and solutions provider and renowned professional gaming monitor pioneer, announced today the launch of its new flagship professional gaming monitor, the XL2730Z. Once again pushing the envelope to build the best gaming monitor in market, BenQ ensured that the XL2730Z would offer the finest, smoothest and fastest gaming performance with QHD resolution for the most detailed images, 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms GTG response time, and Motion Blur Reduction to support fast-action gaming, and VESA DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync for minimized tearing and stuttering. The XL2730Z also boasts BenQ’s proprietary gaming features designed by legendary gamers to bring out the very best in professional gamers and gaming enthusiasts. An enactment of BenQ’s spirit of “Gaming Is in the Details”, this total combat machine takes the opponents by storm and brings a heightened sense of gaming satisfaction to all.

“We are very pleased to introduce our new flagship, the XL2730Z, to gaming communities around the world. BenQ has always strived to perfect its professional gaming monitor design to best fit the needs of competitive gaming in every genre, and this time, we’ve brought forth our crown jewel,” said Peter Huang, General Manager of BenQ Technology Product Center. “The XL2730Z is equipped with the latest features, including QHD resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms GTG response time and the latest VESA DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync technology. It will surely bring a whole new gaming experience like it predecessors.”

Experience Gaming Like Never Before with the Finest, Smoothest and Fastest Display Performance
The XL2730Z is built to exceed your expectations with performance-driven features a professional gamer could ever hope for. The finest image details are delivered by a QHD resolution, the next step up from full HD. With up to 77% more on-screen space, everything is clearer and sharper. The smoothest motion and maneuverability are made possible by 144Hz refresh rate, a blistering fast 1ms GTG response time, and Motion Blur Reduction. All fast-moving action and dramatic transitions are rendered smoothly without smearing or ghosting. So every movement made can be displayed simultaneously on screen. The fastest response time is enabled by VESA Standard Adaptive-Sync, which is incorporated into the XL2730 to support all Freesync-compatible AMD Radeon™ graphics cards to deliver a stuffer-free performance.

Precise Control: Take Charge of Your Gaming Destiny
The XL2730Z is meticulously developed to optimize the gameplay from optimized visibility to color precision and tailored user experience. There is the proprietary Black eQualizer color engine technology, which maximizes visibility and preserves critical details by brightening dark scenes, and the 20 levels of Color Vibrance settings that meet gamers’ specific viewing requirements and preferences for all genres of games. For a customized viewing experience for in-game simulation or personal preferences, there are the 8 screen sizes of the Display Mode (17”/19”/19”W/21.5”/22”W/23”W/23.6”W/24”) to choose from and the Smart Scaling feature to further fine-tune the screen size. This customized viewing experience is extended to the hardware design of the monitor, with the adjustment scale designed to mark down gamers’ unique monitor settings so the same experience can be delivered each and every time. Last but not least, gamers are free to access a wide selection of gaming presets designed by legendary gamers and use them to their advantage with the Game Mode Loader.

Intuitive Experience: Gameplay Made Ever So User Friendly
BenQ has incorporated several features to build the friendliest gaming experience. The Display Pilot offers convenient on-screen display adjustments and instant access to various features. The Auto Game Mode automatically detects the genre of game being played and matches it to its preset color setting. The Game Mode to Go feature lets gamers save their screen settings and import them to another PC via a USB flash drive or Cloud at a different location. Furthermore, there is the S Switch. Sporting a round, compact look, this hardware gear offers a better grip and an auto key that enables quick switching between auto game modes and customized modes.

Gaming Eye-Care: Added Eye Comfort for Long Duration of Gameplay
To safeguard gamers’ eyes from the exposure to harmful blue spectrum lights and eye-discomforting flickers, the XL2730Z is built with BenQ’s Low Blue Light Modes and Flicker-free Technology to reduce blue spectrum light emission and eliminate flickering at all brightness levels, reducing potential eye damage and physical discomforts in exchange for a more comfortable gaming experience.

The XL2730Z is the official monitor of Intel Extreme Masters Finals which will take place in Spodek, Katowice, Poland on 12-15 March 2015. For more information, please visit and

<![CDATA[<p><strong>The Newest BenQ Living Room Projector Unveiled: With the W1350 Home Entertainment Projector, Big-Screen Enjoyment Is Made Simple with Wireless Full HD</strong></p> ]]> 2015-02-20 00:00:00.0

New-Generation Wireless Full HD Kit; Short-throw Projection; Side Projection with Horizontal Keystone Correction; Flexible Zoom & Lens Shift; 6X-Speed RGBRGB Color Wheel with BrilliantColor™ Technology; ISFccc® Certification; DarkChip3™; MHL; SmartEco™ Technology

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, February 20th, 2015 – An internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle and global DLP® projectors, BenQ is very pleased to announce today the launch of its W1350 living room projector. Building on its reputation as a home entertainment projector leader with a number-one market share position in the Full HD segment, BenQ aims to bring simple big-screen enjoyment to every home with projector solutions as easy to use as any home appliance!

The W1350 is BenQ’s newest home projector to offer the greatest installation freedom and ease of use combined with all the advantages of side projection, short-throw projection, flexible zoom, lens shift, as well as wireless Full HD kit and MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) connectivity. With this home entertainment projector, anyone can enjoy 100" of spectacular uncompressed Full HD fun wherever and however they like – no complex installations, tangled wires or remodeling costs. Ideal for quality family time and personal enjoyment, the W1350 can turn any living space into an entertainment hub for console gaming, movies and videos with only a push of a button.

Big-Screen Entertainment Easily Installed in Any Room You Choose
Enjoy the ultimate in projection installation flexibility, with easy setup in every room of your house. Utilizing BenQ's world-leading short-throw projection technology, the W1350 gives you an amazing 100" big picture at a mere distance of 3 meters. A wide range of projection distances are offered by the 1.5x flexible zoom to free up your living space, in addition to lens shift, which saves you from remodeling hassles with the capability of shifting the projected image vertically by 120% to 148% out of the way of existing furniture. You’ll also find side projection with horizontal keystone correction to be extra handy for correcting the trapezoid effect and making use of unused corners or space for projector placement.

Incredible Picture Performance Day and Night
Once the W1350 is installed, what a picture you'll see! Featuring a 6X-Speed RGBRGB color wheel with BrilliantColor™ Technology, this home projector’s magnificent Full HD image quality conveys true to life color. This wireless projector will astound you with the image quality additionally enhanced by BenQ’s very own Full HD-optimized optical system comprised of twelve all-glass, low-dispersion coated lenses, as well as superior contrast performance of higher brightness and deeper blacks with DarkChip3™. Moreover, long-lasting image perfection and timeless image quality is guaranteed through DLP technology. For added performance, the W1350 includes ISFccc® certification for professional projection calibration that brings pure pleasure to your eyes all day long with ISF Day and Night modes. Finally, any gamer can immerse themselves in an exciting world that is highly responsive for gaming in the fast lane. In addition to the stunning color quality, the W1350 also delivers a latency-free performance that is ideal for playing fast-action and motion-sensing games.

Simple and Easy Operation with Cable-Free Solutions
Whether you're a movie lover, sports fan, or dedicated gamer, the W1350 will bring you maximum big-screen enjoyment with minimum set-up effort. A young couple with children can set aside a little private time, kick back and watch a favorite movie in any room they choose with BenQ’s cable-free, one-stop home entertainment solution – the new-generation Wireless Full HD Kit. Available as optional purchase, this powerful kit enables the W1350 to stream uncompressed, stunning Full HD content wirelessly from one room to the next – and offers with 3D support! Besides, the W1350’s plug-and-play mobile entertainment concept is advanced with MHL connectivity enabling flawless wired or wireless streaming of digital content from any MHL-equipped smart device via a MHL cable or a 3rd-party MHL dongle. There’s no need to turn on your computer – nor leave your seat when you can access everything with the projector’s remote control. Last but not least, The W1350's easy and simple operation is completed by an intuitive user interface design made smarter. It’s so self-explanatory that it’s easy for anyone to figure out.

SmartEcoTM for Smart Energy Saving
Already economical in installation, the W1350 also offers power consumption saving. BenQ’s SmartEco™ Technology not only lowers TCO but also optimizes projection through dynamic power saving. With this innovation, you get uncompromised brightness, exquisite picture quality and optimized lamp life all at once. Even heavy users like schools and companies are able to save up to 70% of lamp power consumption and lower maintenance costs while bringing an ultra-vivid viewing experience into every presentation.

The W1350 living room projector will be available in Europe starting from February 2015. For more information, please visit

<![CDATA[BenQ Projector reaches yearly historical high projector market share in Europe and highlights Innovative Brilliance in Quality and Design at ISE 2015 Show. ]]> 2015-02-09 00:00:00.0

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, February 9th, 2015 – BenQ, a leading European projector brand, is proud to announce another ground-breaking achievement: 2014 Was a memorable year for BenQ as it reached yearly historical high market share of 18.8%* in the European projector business securing its No.1 Global DLP projector position. In 12 European countries BenQ is ranked as No.1, and 21 countries in Europe are ranked within top 3 with strong growth in countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, United Kingdom, Nordic region and Germany, where BenQ achieved the first ever leading position with 26.3%* market share.

BenQ 1080p projector sales grew to a stunning 38.6%* market share showing impressive results in this segment since Q4 2013. In the education short-throw segment BenQ showed outstanding results as well, confirming its leading position as No.1 for consecutive Q3 and Q4 2014, with a 15.2%* market share.

“This is an impressive result and we will continue to strive for an even higher market share. On behalf of BenQ Europe I would like to thank our partners for their ongoing support and trust in our brand.’’ – said Pete Wang, President of BenQ Europe -“Bringing enjoyment and quality to life has always been our driving force to innovation. As a leading European projector brand, we are devoted to keep striving to perfect the quality and design of our products to meet the changing demands of business, education and home entertainment occasions.".

In the meantime, BenQ has announced its return to Amsterdam RAI for the sixth consecutive year at ISE 2015 show. Themed “Brilliant in Quality and Design, Global Leader in Display Innovations”, BenQ will be exhibiting industry-leading digital projection solutions for professional, commercial and educational applications at Stand 4-R50 in Hall 4 from February 10th to 12th, 2015. As a pioneer in visual display technology, BenQ is expected to debut many of its exciting new innovations, including BenQ’s own complete line-up of interchangeable lens and fix-lens high brightness projector for the professional sector.

*Data from Q4 2014 Futuresource, territory: Europe ]]>
<![CDATA[BenQ Highlights Innovative Brilliance in Quality and Design of Its World-Class Visual Display Solutions at ISE 2015 Show ]]> 2015-01-16 00:00:00.0

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, January 7th, 2015 – BenQ, a world-leading human technology and solutions provider, announced its return to Amsterdam RAI for the sixth consecutive year at ISE 2015 show. Themed “Brilliant in Quality and Design, Global Leader in Display Innovations”, BenQ will be exhibiting industry-leading digital signage display and projection solutions for professional, commercial and education applications at Stand 4-R50 in Hall 4 from February 10th to 12th. As pioneer in visual display technology, BenQ is expected to debut many of its exciting new innovations, including BenQ’s own complete line-up of interchangeable lens and fix-lens high brightness projector for the professional sector.

“Bringing enjoyment and quality to life has always been our driving force to innovation. As a global leader of visual display technology, we constantly strive to perfect the quality and design of our visual display products and solutions to meet the changing demands of the consumer world,” said Pete Wang, President of BenQ Europe. “This year, our primary focus is on the brilliant convergence of interactivity and versatility. We believe visitors to our stand will find new visual display possibilities with the empowering user experiences that we have prepared for them.”

Previous years, visitors experienced BenQ through its comprehensive line-up of professional-grade projectors, LCD monitors, interactive flat panels (IFPs) and large format displays (LFDs) for the business, education and home entertainment markets. This year, BenQ will showcase a three-day visual extravaganza with the highlight of professional visual display installation solutions for commercial public areas, as well as smart store solutions for POS equipment– all of which wrapped up in the creative concept of “BenQ Shopping Centre”.

Through “BenQ Shopping Centre”, the company will be displaying a series of professional visual display solutions at ISE 2015:

BenQ Digital Signage for Commercial Display Use:
• Seamless Video Wall Capability with PL460 Digital Signage Designed for large video walls the 46” PL460 digital signage supports the array configuration of up to 10x10 displays and its super-slim 5.4mm bezel-to-bezel is bound to bring your audience a colossal, immersive viewing experience.
• IL460 Multi-Touch Digital Signage as a Smart Floor Guide Display
Durable and colour-rich with 6-point touch recognition capability, a 46” IL460 multi-touch digital signage helps users to freely engage themselves with visually impactful digital contents programmed by BenQ.
• Fashion Retail Store Digital Signage Solutions
Built to replace traditional light box advertisement, the slim and light 55” DH550C Dual Side is a superior product for promoting sales messages which doubles your display area and provides extra flexibility for both indoor and semi-outdoor use. Along with Dual Side BenQ presents the 55” PL550 with 500 nits high brightness and ultra-narrow bezel width at 1.2mm for seamless video wall applications in fashion store environments.
• Bar-Type Digital Signage for Café Shop Menu and Sales Promotion Display
The SV500 digital signage is showcased as a portrait-style menu board to captivate target consumers and enhance business image with eye-catching product information, marketing messages, as well as any other digital contents in text, audio, image and video formats. The 800-nit BH380 bar-type digital signage, which is uniquely long-structured and a rarity in the market, is placed below the counter to demonstrate how the smallest space indoors and out can be utilized for delivering important messages, such as last-minute sales promotions.
• New Ultra-high Brightness and Heat-Resistant Digital Signage Used for Outdoor and Semi-outdoor Display
BenQ latest 55” digital signage SH550 provides ultra-high brightness up to 2500 nits, which is perfectly suitable for outdoor application. The image can be shown much more vivid and clearer than in the conventional display. Moreover, the conventional LCD panel’s part starts to turn black when surface temperature exceeds 75°C; however, by using heat-resistant panel, the SH550 can show images even when the temperature rises up to 110°C, providing a perfect solution for higher temperature area and scenario. It’s a smart choice for outdoor and semi-outdoor display.

BenQ Digital Signage for Education Applications:
• RP790S Interactive Flat Panel for the Playground
RP790S with its 79” Anti-Glare panel can be a perfect solution instead of the conventional 77” interactive whiteboard. It is now released with new features of embedded Android system, touch OSD and 10-points touch control. Moreover, the Eye-Care design featuring Low Blue Light and Flicker-free, and user-friendly front I/O make learning more enjoyable and effective than ever.
Furthermore, the company also reinforces its technological leadership as the number-one global DLP® projector brand, bringing the DLP advantages of long-lasting colours ultra-high contrast and filter-free engine design together with innovative projection solutions, from full HD 3D cinematic enjoyment for the home to PointWriteTM interactive touch capability for education applications and tapNshowTM wireless display connectivity for professional business presentations.

BenQ Projectors for Profession AV and Education Applications:
• Eye-Catching Image Wrapping Projection By the PX9710
The PX9710 is professionally built for large venue installations and offers the highest brilliant image performance with a XGA resolution at 7700 ANSI lumens, and the flexibility of utilizing seven optional lens and 2 changeable colour wheels to achieve the best optical performance, and ground-breaking HDBaseT connectivity to combine video, audio and device control signals from multiple sources into one immersive audio-visual display. Similarly, the PX9710 thrives as the most reliable and cost-effective projection solution of its class with long-lasting vibrancy with virtually no colour decay and ultra-crisp image quality created by high native contrast, seamless imaging and active pixels.
• A Sneak Peak of BenQ’s Soon-to-Be Launched Projectors
BenQ Shopping Centre will offer visitors a sneak preview of BenQ’s new projectors:
• The SU917 is BenQ’s first fix-lens WUXGA high brightness projector designed to provide the highest image clarity and installation flexibility for large-sized conference halls and seminar rooms, while keeping the costs down with power-saving SmartEco technology and low-maintenance features such as filter-free and LAN Control.
• The MH856UST BenQ’s first full HD 1080p ultra-short-throw interactive projector. Upgraded from the design and built of the MW853UST+, the MH856UST offers more interactivity and supports collaborative learning with optional pen and finger touch capabilities and dual HDMI ports that support MHL connectivity. Regardless of their unique offerings to the market, these stellar new products are engineered with the exceptional qualities of a BenQ DLP projector, including a filter-free engine design that keeps maintenance to minimum, long-lasting bright colours virtually free of decay and crisp-clear, high-contrast image quality with active pixels.

<![CDATA[BenQ Introduces Full Lineup of Interactive Flat Panels for Innovative and Interactive Classrooms ]]> 2014-11-18 00:00:00.0

Flicker-free Technology; Low Blue Light Technology; Anti-Glare Panel; Automatic Brightness Adjustment; Touch Driver-free; Front I/O; Front Hot Key; Multiple Display Administrator APP (MDA)

BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations and LED monitor expert, proudly announced its all-new Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) lineup.

It has always been the company’s aspiration to create an ideal platform for simple and fun classroom interactivity and collaboration and achieve new benchmarks in its product offering for total interactive classroom solutions. Now, with its latest IFP additions, the RP700+, RP651+, RP650+ and RP551+, to complete its Interactive Flat Panel product lineup, BenQ brings interactive innovation to a new level of ease with outstanding image quality, intuitive touch solutions, innovative Eye-Care features and superior reliability that meet the diverse demands of school administrators, educators and learners.

Eye-Care Because BenQ Cares Eye-Care has been one of BenQ’s key product feature focuses for the past years. Most of BenQ’s display products are equipped with Flicker-free technology by model (RP551+ and RP651+) and Low Blue Light Modes to help reduce harmful blue light emission by up to 70%. BenQ has also incorporated anti-glare treatment to the glass surface of the IFP panels to reduce reflection and enhance viewing clarity in the classroom. In turn, more legible text and clearer images help further prevent eyestrain and facilitate effective instruction. Besides Low Blue Light technology and anti-glare panels, light-sensors are also installed in the IFP panels to enable automatic brightness adjustment, ensuring the best viewing experience throughout the day, regardless of the light levels in the classroom. This feature also safeguards the eye health of students and teachers. Not to mention, by preventing excessive brightness the IFP panels can reduce power consumption by up to 50%.

User-Friendly for Even First-Time Users User-friendliness is what makes a big difference for teachers trying to begin teaching and maintain a good flow in class. This is why BenQ keeps everything as simple as plug and play, doing away with the hassles of complex setup such as downloading and installing touch drivers. With BenQ’s IFP panels, all the teacher has to do is connect them to their PC using a USB cable to begin their touch-enhanced lesson plan. There is also a pen tray built onto the IFP panels to provide a handy place for storing IFP stylus and tools. A quicker and easier set-up combined with time-saving thoughtful features does big wonder for an interruption-free class. Multiple Display Administrator APP (MDA) for Better Projector Management and Maintenance Designed to help projector managers better manage all the projectors in the school, the MDA APP enables centralized control and easy management for setting up scheduling systems, email notifications for problematic projector operations, device monitoring and automatic shutdowns. Effective use of this handy tool will help save schools a significant amount of power costs.